Hana Seed Group

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We are a Hana Seed, for the production and export of herbs, spices, medicinal and organic plants, an Egyptian joint stock company. The company started since 1999 agriculture and then production of herbs and spices


Our unique variety of refined botanicals


The company is a leader in the production of medicinal plants for use in medicines
Hana seed Company for the production and export of herbs, spices and medicinal plants
Hana seed Group is the only one with organic farming inside the Egyptian farms
The company was named the pioneer of organic product in Egypt because it is the company
The seeds are produced, then the product is grown, then harvested, dried, sifted, packed, and then exported

All infused with herbs and spices – be it chamomile, mint, dill and basil. Our basic experience reflects. We produce, purify, mix and export all plants, herbs and spices. We plant hundreds of varieties and products every year.
Our goal is to unleash the full potential of flavors in all the sizes cut for each product and matching them to the global market and the European Union
And the organic product is spreading to the world.

Solar and natural drying or industrial drying are safe, health and safety

We have 100,000 boxes for natural drying. Chamomile, mallow, dill and basil
The Company then prepares the product, sorting and thorough examination inside the laboratory, then sends a sample of the product to the pesticide residue plant of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture
And a certificate is issued that the product is organic in permitted proportions worldwide
And certificates verify that the product is 100% organic, then fill the product, then sterilize it inside the company’s warehouses, then export, as such, brief stages of plant growth stages to export.
The company has cultivated and produced chamomile, basil, parsley, coriander, moringa, hibiscus, thyme and other products in the products department, according to the requirements of the global market.