We are a company for the production and export of herbs, spices, medicinal and organic plants, an Egyptian joint stock company.

The company started since 1999 agriculture and then production of herbs and spices.
The company started to produce seeds for all agricultural crops, and then the company went
Striving to establish the company’s farms, and the farms have been prepared and equipped
Then planting herbs and spices from the seeds of the company, and the company was distinguished by production
Organic product and modern organic farming.

The company owns giant farms
It covers an area of ​​700 acres in different places,

depending on the nature of each plant.
Each product has its own farms, with due regard to the company
From the stage of seed production, then planting, then plant monitoring, the field obtains organic fertilizer, and the product is treated with certified organic products.
In order to get completely organic product free of pesticides
Hana Sayd Group is the only one with organic farming inside the Egyptian farms.
The company was named the pioneer of organic product in Egypt because it is the company The seeds are produced, then the product is grown, then the harvest, then the drying, the screening, the packing, then the export. We will not be satisfied with export only,
But the company wants to be a milestone in the world with high quality and organic products
The company has two goals: high quality and 100% organic product for the customer.

And the product goes through several stages before exporting
It is from the beginning is the production of seeds, then planting, and then cleaning farms from weeds Then irrigate the farms from the Nile water and pay attention to the product from its inception until harvesting and harvesting of flowers or leaves Plant engineers and doctors to treat and protect plants from any injuries After that the harvest season and then the next stage is drying
Solar and natural drying or industrial drying are safe, health and safety
The person then prepares the product, sorting and thorough examination inside the laboratory, then sends a sample of the product to the pesticide residue plant of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture And a certificate is issued that the product is organic in permitted proportions worldwide
And certificates verify that the product is 100% organic, then fill the product, then sterilize it inside the company’s warehouses, then export, as such, brief stages of plant growth stages to export.

The company has cultivated and produced chamomile, basil, parsley, coriander, moringa, hibiscus, thyme and other products in the products department, according to the requirements of the global market.
The company is a leader in the production of medicinal plants for use in medicines
Hana Seed Company for the production and export of herbs, spices and medicinal plants
We meet every year with the Egypt Farmer at a symposium of the company to talk about agriculture, production and irrigation to strive for the production of the organic product.